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An Important Message From Our Artistic Director

Hello to all friends and patrons of Shakespeare in the Vines. In times like these, I reflect on a famous line from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night:

     “But be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em.”

Whether it’s on the front lines as an essential worker, or staying at home to help flatten the curve; greatness is being thrust upon you in this trying time. Thank you all for whatever you’re doing to help us get society back into a normal flow.

We here at Shakespeare in the Vines have come to the decision of canceling our upcoming Summer Season and Kids Camps. This is a sad choice to make, but we feel it’s for the best. We’ll always hold the safety and health of our actors, production teams and patrons in high regard.

To those who have already purchased Season Tickets for this upcoming season, we have three choices for you.

1.    Donating your purchase.

Being a nonprofit, Shakespeare in the Vines relies on donations to have educational outreach programs and productions for the community. We will provide the necessary information for tax purposes if you so choose to donate your ticket purchases.

2.    Credit for our next season.

We will be sure to have your proper information recorded so that your seats will be there for you when we open our next season!

3.    Refund.

Times are hard. We completely understand if you need to be refunded. However, there will be a small transaction fee due to our services with PayPal.

Please email us at: with your decision.

As mentioned, Shakespeare in the Vines relies on your donations to help us stay afloat. If you have the means, would you consider donating to our cause? Scroll down and click on our “Donate Now” button to help us in this difficult time. Any contribution goes a long way. Your donations help pay our storage facility for our costumes, keep our stage maintained in our off season, and provide funding for future performances.

We’re still here for you. We’re working behind the scenes and preparing for whatever comes our way. Great things are ahead! Watch your inboxes, and our Facebook and Instagram for announcements, events, and fun things in store for Shakespeare in the Vines!

We’re also looking to hear from you. We want to know if there is anything we can provide for you at this time. Email us at with your suggestions!

I wish you all love and good health. Remember, greatness is upon us!

Play on,

Preston Helms

Artistic Director

Shakespeare in the Vines